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Likely you have been exploring links at RG's site, welcome. I enjoy writing some, very much a crude novice of the craft. I'm currently working on a story entitled "Little Wings" its been ongoing for a few years now, writing is difficult work...everyone seems to be spending quite a bit of time on FSOG. I've not read the books or seen the movie, I will admit the previews look a bit sexy. Reminds me a bit like fast food, it looks good, tastes a moment of greatness but after its consumed and hits the stomach one thinks...
"Why did I do that? That was stupid!"


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~The Read~

~The Read~

The machete swung quickly slicing the green foliage, sweat drenching clothing. The caravan led by Francis, the world famous explorer and adventurer. Months of planning, research, and toil went into the expedition. Obtaining financing for the journey was in itself a feat itself, yet Francis triumphed through it all, politics, nepotism, and even the royal court.

"Come on, we're getting closer, I can feel it!" He shouted over his shoulder to the hired men lugging the gear. Locals who worked tirelessly for days to be paid with a mere metal fork or spoon, savages. The path being carved had been going uphill for hours. The canopy of trees in the late afternoon sun held the air still, thick and moist. Cutting and slashing through the thick foliage; suddenly a bright shaft of sunlight burst through blinding him temporarily. Then the discovery began to come into focus becoming clear.


The low fire gave its heat generously, warming his feet. Closing the book letting it rest upon his lap. He looked into the hot coals of the fire. His mind was reeling at the new a ground he was discovering. His thoughts wandered to the shine of a steel blade, visualizing the ominous power. The sheer edge of life and death, right and wrong, good and bad. Sliding the book in the drawer of the cabinet, the lock clicked before the key withdrew. He headed to the bedroom with new ground and a razor blade on his mind.

Francis stood at the base of the huge stone structure, looking up at the steep line of expertly carves steps that led to the top. His eyes squinted to make out additional structures at the top, more to discover he thought to himself. The boot hit the first step leading to the top of the pyramid.

Standing at the foot of the bed with his hands in the pockets of the robe. Hidden, he carefully held the razor that seemed to be feeding him power, making the blood flow to his member. The low lamp light accentuated her naked flesh as she lay on her stomach, the bedding stripped away leaving her unprotected.
"Honey, do you trust me?" He whispered in a low tone.

"Yes, of course I do." She answered as she looked back at him over her bare shoulder with that alluring smile.

"Honey..." He paused momentarily admiring the lovely naked curves of his wife of years, plump, full. Then he spoke softly. "I want to cut you, I want to see your blood."

Silence cut the moment, all was still.

"Why?" She asked in a slow measured voice.

He could give no immediate answer, only thoughts of the book in the locked drawer came to his mind.


Francis had achieved the climb up the ancient
pyramid that he had researched for months on end, listening to the tails of drunken sailors, legends, myths.
"Why?' That was the question that was asked so many times from so many people. Why spend so much money, time, and effort? Why risk the lives, why?

A cool breeze blew through the heavy beard as he stood
atop the massive stone structure, feeling refreshed after hours of hacking
through the jungle. He breathed deeply as he looked upon the bare stone altar, this was a special place, how he knew was not clear, it simply was. Stepping forward to examine the altar he felt a surge of excitement. Why? Francis thought to himself, there was nothing here, no gold or jewels nothing. He pulled the heavy gauntlet off his hand as his eyes gazed down upon the smooth stone. Pausing momentarily as he spread his fingers wide letting the air cool them, then he applied the palm of his hand to the smooth cool stone, he dropped to his knees as the adrenaline surged into his body and the vision of the old world came into being.

A large muscular man adorning a massive headdress of feathers, his arms cross as he stood over the bloody altar. Blood dripped off the curved knife he held in one hand. Cries could be heard from ones brought up to an unknown fate, attendants carried off remains of those sacrificed to the unknown deity. A river of blood flowed from the altar to the steps and down.

Francis pulled his hand away, shaking gasping for breath. Now, now he knew...


Head buried, she weeped into the pillows, she on her knees, her round bottom was thrust upward to him. The blood trickled down the back of her thighs from the delicate horizontal cuts he had applied to each side of her derriere. He was mindful not to slice to deep, yet the blood had to flow. He kneeled behind her; his fully engorged member quivered, bloody palms lay on her hips. He pulled her to him with a quick sudden thrust into her, and both cried out in agony. Now, now he knew...

Monday, November 7, 2011



The uniformed guard gave a wave through
the iron gate, the limousine slowly weaved its way up the clean cobblestone road, cutting through the thick well manicured greenery and trees. Enjoying the ride, Kimberly peered through the tinted window thinking how she loved this place. She never got over the Manor, recalling the last time she was here, she loved it and never forgot. Looking at the beautiful scenery her mind drifted to what led to this point.


The two women sat at a table near the window of the trendy restaurant, one blond the other a brunette. Both in their late thirties, wives and mothers. Neither liked entering middle age, they fought it by staying reasonably fit and stylishly dressed. Once professional women with fulfilling careers before their reproduction instincts took over and put having children first in their lives, forsaking the corporate world to their husbands. Being old friends going back to high school, they occasionally got together for an afternoon drink, whenever their schedules allowed.

"Lisa, is it wrong to like the kids to go back to school?"
The brunette said as they both laughed.

"It has been a long summer hasn't it, Kim?"

The waiter took their afternoon margarita orders. They laughed and giggled about stories of domestic lives, children, substandard school teachers, and their latest finds on shopping excursions.

"What's that on your arm, Lis?"
Kimberly asked inquisitively.

Lisa automatically quickly pulled the cuff of the sleeve over her wrist, covering the line of circle marks.

"Oh that, Daniel playing with his dart gun, likes to leave little suction cup marks all over the house, including me."

She pulled her sleeve up to reveal a row of perfect little round circles that disappeared under the sleeve of the blouse.

"Oh, I know what you mean, kids will be kids."

Lisa laughed lightly, then pulled the cuff down to cover the marks. The two women talked and drank for a while more then the conversation turned to the Manor.

"I attended charity event at the Manor, that house is gorgeous, I love it!" Kimberly exclaimed.

"Yes, it's nice."
Lisa replied, looking down into her drink.

"How did you ever get into that crowd, I hear its very exclusive."

"You have to be recommended by a member, then chosen."

"Are you a member?"


They sat in a sudden silence. Kimberly was obviously waiting for her friend to continue the conversation that would lead to a recommendation. Finally Lisa looked up from the drink.

"Look Kim, its not what you think. Its more than hosting fund raisers for rich people, The Manor Lord is very demanding."

"Manor Lord?" A puzzled look came across Kimberly's face.

"Whats his real name?"

"I don't know, everyone calls him Sir, Lord, or Manor Lord. I don't know his real name. Manor Lord just seems natural to his..." Lisa stopped in mid sentence seemingly not sure what to say.

Kimberly broke the awkward silence. "I need something to do while the kids are in school."

"Its not a part time job or a hobby, its a real commitment and things can get a little, how do I say it?" Lisa furrowed her eye brows, searching for the right words, obviously not comfortable with the subject.
"Weird." Was all she could say.

"Weird, how?" Kim replied with curiosity.

"Kim, are things good with Brad?"

Kim looked away for a time, then back to her friend.

"If its not work, golf, or the sports channel on television, he's not interested."

The two women sat in silence looking into their drinks. Finally Kimberly broke the silence.

"Please, I need something to keep me from going insane from this rut." Almost whispering.

"Well..." Lisa looked at Kimberly,

"You know what they say, a rut is nothing more than a coffin with the top and bottom kicked out. I'll see what I can do, but its not up to me, no guarantee."

Lisa sipped the drink once more, seemingly savoring it as she looked into her friends sparkling deep brown eyes. speaking slowly with a serious tone,
"Kim you need to be sure, once your in,
there is no turning back."

The car rolled around the last bend, out of the foliage to the clearing. The driver knew what he was doing for he slowed the car as the Manor came into view across the deep green lawn. Kimberly's mind reeled as she gazed at the magnificent house, she felt her stomach turn and savored the feeling. She knew being invited this time would be different, this time it wasn't a charity event.

"Once your in, there is no turning back."

The words bit her as the car stopped below the grand entrance the mansion.
Kimberly looked at the house with wide eyes as she waited for the driver to open the door. He helped her from the car, his smile warm as his eyes looked her over discreetly. He motioned for her to go up the steps. Kimberly stood for a moment gripping the little purse with both hands as she looked up at the multistory house, the stairs, and the massive double doors. Taking a deep breath she took the first step.


Heels clicked on the marbled surface as she was led to the library off the grand entrance by the butler. The butler was a a little strange to Kimberly, h
e was almost an exact replica of the limo driver. Shaved head, over six foot, and seemingly fit. He actually looked quite stunning in the suit, just as the driver had. Kimberly thought it a coincidence slipping the thought to the back of her mind.

She waited behind the closed doors alone looking at all the books, the silence here was restrictive, an ominous feeling. Kimberly strolled around the room looking at the hundreds books lining the high shelving. Between each bookshelf were paintings of sea ships.

"This Manor Lord must be a sea captain or a shipping tycoon," mumbling to herself.

One painting caught her eye, it was of an old sailing ship being attacked by a giant octopus, the sea torn ship was entwined in and around by the creatures arms, obviously trying to pull it down into the wind driven stormy sea. Stepping closer she examined the painting, noticing the creatures black eyes of intent, and the grand sailing ship coming to an end.

Mesmerized by the scene, Kimberly saw a woman at the front of the ship. She leaned forward, inches from the canvas. The figure head was the torso of a naked female clear and detailed. Her head thrust forward exposing the neck that had some sort of band on it, her bare breasts exposed. Kimberly stepped closer, studying the paintings imagery. The face of the figure was not of fierce determination, sorry, or even anger. She looked to be in the throws of passion. Kimberly felt a little twinge of embarrassment looking at this portion of the horrific scene. Her gaze slowly lowered to a gold plate below the painting with the words;
"The Kings Slave-1856" stamped on it.

"Miss, the Master has been detained."

She jumped at the Butlers words after being transfixed by the painted scene
. How long had he been standing there? Her heart began to race.

"Oh?...hmm" She felt embarrassed, as if caught doing something she shouldn't be doing.

"You may return if summoned in the future or..." He paused momentarily glancing to the painting. "You may wait for an unspecified time in specified circumstances, in another room Miss."

"What circumstances?" She asked, biting her lower lip appearing a bit confused.

"I will say, it may be....uncomfortable for you."

She loved being here, she didn't want to leave so soon, it could be weeks before she was summoned again perhaps months, if ever. No, she had to remain, she had arranged her affairs to be here, she would not be denied her opportunity to remain. "Yes, I shall wait."

"Very well, please follow me then."

Kimberly was led to a room next to the library, the Butler unlocked the heavy door revealing a bare white walled room with polished wood flooring. It was empty accept for some sort of statue in the center of the room. Kimberly glanced around nervously noticing right away the air in the room was clean and crisp. looking around then suddenly realizing the statue was a big cock. Noting the size approximately 2 foot in height, though large it was life like. Carved from a black rock, some sort of marble or onyx Kimberly didn't know, but it was a detailed work of art and fully erect, it shocked her.

"You will remain in here until you are summoned." The Butler stated.

She looked about nervously and uttered, "Okay?"

"Please disrobe, completely."

Her cheeks flushed red, stomach knotted, and the slowing heart beat regained its pace.

"So, this was it." She thought to herself. "If I refuse?"
Her breathing was beginning to quicken slightly.

"You will be taken home immediately."

After a slight hesitation, looking at the butler then down Kimberly breathed deeply to steady her nerves, set her purse on the floor, and slipped off the jacket.
Looking around not sure what to do with it. The Butler stood expressionless, then held out his arm and it was finally understood that he was going to take the clothing. Where and what he was going to do with it didn't come to her mind, that was beginning to whirl as she moved to the blouse buttons.

The butler stood watching the beautiful woman disrobe with no expression, as if he was patiently waiting for someone to finish eating so he could take the plate to the kitchen. Removing the white blouse revealing a light purple lace bra slightly pushing her small breasts upward, slowly she laid the blouse upon the coat.

The skirt fell to the floor revealing the stockings and the matching purple panties, stepping over the skirt still clad in the black heels. Slowly bending to picking up the skirt her breathing was quickening slightly as she mechanically continued, reaching back unhooking the bra then extending her arms forward letting it drop to her hands, piling on the skirt which now lay in the butlers arms. He looked at the erect nipples, his brow discreetly raised slightly. So, she thought he is not immune.
Next the heels were slipped off and handed to the his free hand, dangling in his fingers as the stockings slipped off one by one. Fingers to the elastic waist band, the panties slipped over the smooth hips revealing a cleanly shaven mons area. She had learned from her friend Lisa to be well groomed when accepting an invitation to the Manor a little clue that sexual things would be sought, which peaked her curiosity and fear. Lastly after neatly folding the lace panties she placed them on the top of the clothing pile in the butlers arms.

"Your jewelry Miss." Said the butler in a monotone, his eyes expressionless looking almost off into an unseen horizon.

This was surprising to her, thinking as she extended her arms and hands to the back of he neck to unclasp the gold necklace. Then her rings, she paused momentarily before removing the wedding ring, piling them carefully on the clothes.

"Thank you Miss."

She stood naked before the Manor Lords servant with her hands clasped in front of her conscientiously covering herself, her head gently bowed waiting for instructions, feeling her stomach begin to turn in anticipation.

"You will now pay homage to the Phallic Master." He said as his eyes turned to the smooth black stone penis in the center of the floor. Kimberly looked at the erect phallus a bit of confusion slid across her face.


"With your mouth of course."

She noticed the wood floor was warm on her bare feet as she stepped closer to the stone cock. Examining it closer revealed magnificent details, large testicles at the base, veins, ridges, an engorged head which was large but not to big to get her mouth around she supposed. The longer she looked, the more she saw. She knelt slowly. The manicured fingers touched the testicle lightly, she knelt to her knees her lips caressed the black stone.

A flash of light blinded her consciousness, a woman's scream scream pierced her ears, she pulled away heaving breathlessly, Kimberly looked around the silent room. She was alone.


"Did you have a pleasant night, Sir?" The butler asked while pouring the coffee, black and strong as usual. The manor lord reached for the morning newspaper, though the modern information age he still preferred the old fashioned newspaper. Looking at the headline, he reached for the coffee cup, heat rising up from it, he replied.

"Yes, I did Jeffrey." His gaze turns to the black liquid for a moment. "...I did indeed."


Kimberly was tethered to the heavy block table spread. Wrists and ankles bound by the firm hands of the four servants, naked. The heat in the room was unbearable partly due to the roaring fire in the the large open fireplace in the room, it was ridiculous she could feel the sweat, the strength & the power, every move made her shutter with erotic waves of pleasure. She was inundated with pleasure, no more no less. Feeling the flowing of her juices from the orgasmic rushes that seemed never stop since unbuttoning the first button on her coat upon the arrival here at The Manor. These men, the servants of this Manor Lord, were relentless in their consumption of her. They were all copies of the butler that had relieved her of her clothing hours before. All big, muscular, smooth, and hairless. They were completely naked exposing large erections yet they hadn't once used them on her, instead they lapped at her with their tongues, only their slippery tongues on her outer skin, nipples and her clitoris, causing orgasm after orgasm. Yet they hadn't once penetrated her, not once.

The was man was standing at the foot of the block between her splayed legs.
Her eyes rolled again to focusing on his dark eyes. It was him.

"Yes, Master..." She s panted.


"More coffee, Sir?" The butler stood near the breakfast table of the manor house.

"No, thank you I've had quite enough, that will be all Jeffrey."

The butler turned to the kitchen with tray in hand as the Manor Lord finished reading the morning paper in the silence of the morning.


Kimberly was beyond reason. What was she doing? Her husband, her children, this was ridiculous! A wave of pleasure rushed through her once more, she gushed fluids from every pore, dignity was long lost to lustful desire. There was no control left in her, bucking thrusting, pulling, cries of painful pleasure. She was indeed inundated.

"You have done well this afternoon Kimberly, I am very pleased." He said as he placed an open hand on the softness of her lower belly, pressing the palm into her. The reaction to the touch was yet another rush.

"Sir..." She managed to utter in a breathless gasp as he turned his palm so the fingers eased down to her slit. The hand slipped lower, her eyes closed as her back arched pulling at the firmness gripping her limbs, she was in a fog. Writhing, panting as she felt his fingers enter her. She left nothing in secret, letting all her feelings flowing to him, The Manor Lord. This was what she wanted The Master. The fingers flicked then seemed to grow within her to one mass. Was there more for her? God, she thought in the fog of lust. It was slick, she flowed as if urinating. More pressure emanated from her anus, yes she thought,

"Fill me up, fill all my holes. Do what ever you want."

Her anus expanded from the penetration. His hands were every where yet something more was going on, she was being inundated in every place at once. She felt her nipples react as they were being sucked like she never thought they ever could be. Something slipped under the small of her back pulling her upward. It lifted her slightly off the table as it snaked its way up around her neck. The limb gripped her like nothing she ever felt, it wrapped around her neck then across her cheek to the edge of her lower lip, by reflex she opened, the tip entered to make contact with her hungry tongue.

Juices were being sucked from her. Limbs were all over her body, slick flexible, firm, she heaved.

Her eyes opened slightly to see the creature, not the man, but the creature. The creature in the painting. Her heart beat hard, as if it were going to burst from her chest. It was clear now in her mind, she was the ship,

"The Kings Slave."

Being pulled under in the tempest, fighting, pulling as waves of pleasure crashed through her, waves washed over her like the storm. Into the depths, drowning she couldn't breath, darkness enclosed around her, sinking into the darkness of the crushing waters, inundated by unconsciousness.


The two women sat in the little trendy restaurant, one blond the other a brunette.

"You look bright today Kim."

"I feel so good these days, I cant explain it."

Lisa looked down at the line of perfect little circle marks on Kimberly's arm. Lisa looked up at her as their eyes locked momentarily.

"Oh that, my little David playing with his dart gun, likes to leave little
suction cup marks all over the house, including me."

She pulled her sleeve up to reveal a row of perfect little round circles the disappeared under her sleeve of the blouse.
Their eyes locked once more, they smiled in unison and nodded.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Life Long

The late afternoon sunlight lit through the blinds in the room, a nondescript hotel room on the 23rd floor.

"We've talked about this, you know what I wish."

Her eyes lowered from his, a long pause ensued before an answer was uttered with a whisper that was barely audible.


Lying on the bed naked, deep brown eyes looked up at him, she bit her lower lip with the ivory white teeth. She inhaled deeply which pushed her breasts up to him, the nipples slightly erect which seemingly were begging for touch to him.

He stood over her taking in her beauty, he fully clothed in slacks, white shirt and a neat neck tie. The shirt white & crisp, he insisted on white something about a clean white shirt with a new tie made him feel like a man with power, not that is what made a man.

He knew so much about her, it had lasted for years. Since those days way back in grade school when he asked the teacher if he could sit by her. Watching her from afar they had always been distant friends. He observed her through the years with admiration, he knew she went off to college to become a success. His heart always dropped when she landed a new boyfriend, always a dashing man seeking a conquest. Then it happened, she married happily to a good man and bore children she adored and loved like a mother is meant to. He didn't feel bad over this, in fact it was a joy to him to see her enjoy the life one deserves. Yet, here she was ready to give herself to him. She wanted him, he could feel her desire. The air in the small room was electric, he reveled in the atmosphere.

Holding the leather collar in his hands, it was attached to a chrome a gold chain, the collar was thick and heavy. He had yearned & desired this for his whole life. Yet fear enveloped him, he didn't want to ruin his life long desire. He could take her now, fuck her like he had dreamed of for so many times. No... no, that would ruin it. Gently he slipped the collar around her neck deliberately leaving it open, unlocked..

"How does it feel?"

"Very good." She was breathing heavy, a slight moan echoed from he lips.

"Once its locked there is no going back." A long pause ensues. "...Ever."

"Do you understand that?"

Her brown eyes meet his for a long moment, she is seemingly thinking, pondering.


She replies as her breathing becomes heavier. The clasp on the collar locked with a click.

His hand brushed her cheek lightly as his eyes looked over his newly aquired property.

"Tonight you will make love to your husband as usual."

Her breathing halts for a moment as her brows furrow a bit, eyes dart around for a brief moment then
she answers.

"Yes... 'Sir.'"


As he thrust into her she looked up into the black darkness & saw her Masters smile of approval.

"Honey, your so wet tonight."

She lay splayed under her husband meeting his thrusts into her, her eyes looked upward into the darkness again envisioning the look of approval upon her.

"More." She whispered as her hand slipped to the back of his neck, her nails dug into the flesh.

"I need more..."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~The Doll~

~Part 3~

Something about the coals beneath the flames of the fire that invited his gaze. The orange red glow seemed to have a life of its own, breathing in and out. The sword on the mantle, was forged from such coals. Steel folded many times, pounded, crafted by ancient wisdom from such fires.
He sipped his drink.


She felt a gloved hand on her left buttock, a gentle touch. The fingers lightly caressed her then the palm engulfed the roundness of it. The gentle squeeze caused her to arch, sending her behind to him slightly. He could see her breathing was paced as her ribs were expanding & retracting deep. Yes, he had her attention, the gloved hand moved slowly to her left hip stopping momentarily observing the little woman at his disposal, he squeezed her hip slightly then stepped to the side of the bed. She turned her head, keeping it down careful to stay in the position, she looked up at him as he retrieved a tube from out of the suit coat pocket.

"Lube, its lube."

Her mind began racing with apprehension, she knows what lube means. Hiroko did not mention this, she would have words with him later, this will definitely cost him more than what they originally agreed upon. Though her mind continued active, her body remained still, observing the man apply the gel to the gloved hand.

His eyes remained fixed steady on hers as he applied a generous amount of gel from the tube to the gloved hand. His gaze watching her reactions closely, her long gone playfulness told him much. Returning the tube to the pocket then holding the gloved hand to his eyes as he rubbed the thumb and fingers together enjoying the lubrication, while not looking at her, he slowly uttered.

"Touch your clitoris for me."

She obeyed by moving a hand slowly under her belly to the petals between her legs, finding the bud.

"Yes Sir..." She spoke softly

The breathing quickened slightly as she slowly manipulated herself. He stepped closer to the bed pausing to admire the tattoo on the small of her back before covering it with the unlubricated hand, evoking yet another slight reaction.

"Good girl"

Was what he whispered in a low voice as she continued her instructions obediently. Wet, she was getting so wet, she was no longer in control, fear swept through her in a momentary wave then it was gone as the heat began to build. The tip of the lubricated digit entered her sphincter to the first knuckle causing her to gasp aloud, sending another wave through her body. Not one of fear, but of warmth and fulfillment. Her mouth gaped open in another wave, this third one was one of pure exhalation. He felt the contraction through the latexed finger.

"Not yet..."

The whimper was involuntary.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~The Doll~

Part 2

Below the katana the fire was high, the blaze lit the great room creating an umbra of moving shadows & shapes. The man sitting in the high backed chair sipping the drink was alone with his thoughts. Eyes were slowly shifting from the fire to the polished black sheath of the sword on the mantle, then back to the fire again. The fire, he could feel it, he could feel the heat. The sword, he could feel its power...


Standing at the end of the bed, his gaze was upon the smiling face of the woman feigning innocence. Their smiling eyes met, his becoming boarder. She then knew it was mock, this man was different from the others. Hers slowly melted away as she realized that he was not going to lap at the delights she offered to him, as the others did for her.

His mocking smile turned to seriousness as he slipped a hand to the inner suit coat pocket. For the first time she noticed how well dressed this man really was, with the red & black tie accentuated the clean white shirt, and the dark suit he wore, which seemed to smolder.
Her eyes observed him retrieve the surgical gloves from the inner pocket of the suit coat.

"Roll over and stick your bottom up."

He said this in a low tone that was commanding, she simply knew she dare not defy, as the gloves made a definite snap. Pausing momentarily, as if weighing her options, she slowly turned and rolled over while continuing to calculate her position with this man. Slowly drawing knees under her, raising her bottom as she was requested to do. She bit her lower lip as a thought came to her mind. Was it a request or a command?

"Face down bottom high for me, little lady."

Complying with the command, her breathing began to pick up pace. The smile gave way to the unexpected erotic anticipation that had suddenly appeared on this scene. It was a command, yes it was a definitely command that she would not dare defy on this night. As she slowly moved into the position, she softly uttered to herself in an exhale the words.

"A tatsujin."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

~The Doll~

Part 1

The sword on the mantle, a katana. Something about the slim curved blade affected him, a magnificent piece.


Laying naked on the bed, the sheets white, clean, & crisp. Oriental, Japanese to be exact. Japanese women seemed peculiarly sensual to him. The jet black hair fell upon the shoulders accentuating the pearl white porcelain skin, unblemished.

The jaw line was well defined, the neck slender white with a collar necklace cutting horizontally. Soft shoulders grave way to pert little breasts with pink nipple that stood erect. Her belly was flat with muscular hints, trailing to the slender smooth legs. a petite woman as most orientals seemed to be. She was crisp, clean & youthful although likely in her early thirties. Looking up, her ruby painted lips cracked an inviting smile.

"You hungry?"

A simple sexual statement statement as she spread her legs exposing her bare folds that were neatly shaved clean & very smooth. His eyes narrowed as he feasted upon the beauty spread before him.

"You taste." The words came out lightly with a girlish giggle.

The oriental beauty spread her legs more as she pulled her knees up slightly. The man reacted to the invitation with little emotion, tilting his head slightly moving to the foot of the bed not resisting the admiration of the pure cleanliness of her feminine fruits splayed before him.

Arching her back seemingly accentuating her erotic power, thinking she was in control of this... "Gentleman."